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I love entrepreneurs--the creatives, the healers, the visionaries! All of them! Why? Because I believe entrepreneurship will save our world.

Entrepreneurship is a revolutionary act and entrepreneurs are the revolutionaries who are healing our world with their vision. 

So, what part do I play? I own 29rebel where I provide intuitive strategy that helps you launch and grow a business that serves the world.

I started 29rebel in 2016 because I was tired of the traditional approach to business, especially when it came to marketing and advertising. I felt like a lot of entrepreneurs and small business owners were being taken advantage of by the traditional companies, so I vowed to build a company that brought the soul back to launching and growing a business. 

29rebel offers a fresh perspective on businessEmpowering clients to build soul-aligned businesses with intention and ease.

But as I look out at the entrepreneurial landscape, I am frustrated by the focus on sacrifice with money as the primary indicator of success. Offline and online entrepreneurial groups talk about "community" and "sisterhood" and "feminism," but their words are often empty. 

You see, "community" is more than having a common characteristic or interest, "sisterhood" is more than women gathering, and "feminism" is more than upholding the gender binary and believing that women are equal to men.

I've decided to most past being frustrated and start using my voice, my energy, and my platform. What does that look like?

  • I shifted how I talk about and teach on business and marketing at 29rebel.
  • I am unapologetically saying "no" to supporting businesses, organizations, and people that don't align with my values.
  • I am once again writing right here at about the intersection of feminism, entrepreneurship, and spirituality.
  • There are more changes coming in but I will save those for later! :)

Outside of my work, I love chocolate cake, iced coffee, a strong wifi connection, and my fur baby named Zeke.


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Business Strategy
with Soul

My consultation with Chynna was superb. I now feel like I have crossed some imaginary barrier. Really super helpful!
— Donna, owner of Mamma Moon Herbals

Intuitive Teacher
& Speaker

There are lots of ‘experts’ who claim to have all the answers, but Chynna offers a fresh perspective on how to be a successful entrepreneur. Rather than offering a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy, Chynna challenges business owners to tell their stories, be real, offer their authentic selves through their products and services.
— Jill Parker of Jillbee Handmade Goods

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January 11, 2017

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