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Host Chynna

Welcome an Entrepreneur into Your Home & Community

I'm going on a three month adventure and you're invited!

Here's the short version:

  • Zeke (my cat) and I are spending the next three-months on the road connecting with entrepreneurs like you.
  • We are looking for hosts (maybe also you?) that can offer places for us to stay along the way.
  • I believe whole-heartedly in fair energetic exchanges, so in exchange for the accommodations I am providing hosts with intuitive business and marketing strategy and project support like what I offer through 29rebel.

Okay, so the longer version:

The past year of my life has provided me with many opportunities to shed the layers of myself that no longer resonate-- I've moved three times, fell in and out of love, built a house and left a house, outgrown friends, forgiven family, sat with the darkest parts of myself, felt deeply buried pain, let go of nearly all my material possessions, reconnected with old friends, gotten clear on my Big Vision for this life, clarified my work, and bought a ukulele. 

What. A. Year.

It's now time to move forward-- clearer, stronger, and more grounded than before. But, as I tried on all of the traditional ways of doing this human thing I realized that none of them resonated for me anymore. 

I want to live in such a way that being of service is at the heart of what I do and how I spend my time. I want to live in such a way that I get to see the country, genuinely connect with people, and experience new places and things (and food!). I want to live fully. 

So, that means finding a different way of doing this human thing-- something that works for me, my life's work, and my goals. And here is where three months of adventures with entrepreneurs comes in. :)


Let me answer some of the questions you may have:

What exactly does it mean to "host chynna"?

Great question! I am loosely basing this off artist-in-residence programs, where an artist lives and works outside their usual environment, which provides them time to reflect, research, and/or produce work.

I was going to call this an entrepreneur-in-residence program, but I realized that is actually a thing largely linked to venture capital (VC) firms and everything I read about them made me uncomfortable, so I ditched the name.

As a host, you are offering up accommodations (a bed, bathroom access, ability to bring my cat-son Zeke, and hopefully wi-fi) in exchange for me providing you and/or your community with intuitive business & marketing strategy. The specifics of the exchange will vary with each host based on what you need to help you move forward in your business and how long Zeke and I are staying with you.


What do you hope to get out of this experience?

I am looking forward to getting outside of my familiar environment. I have four main goals:

  1. Connecting with entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds so I can gain new perspectives on business and entrepreneurship
  2. Becoming inspired by people, nature, places, food, and culture outside of my bubble
  3. Continuing my own journey of self-discovery and healing
  4. Being of service in a more direct and meaningful way

I'm interested, so what's next?

If hosting Zeke and I this summer sounds interesting to you and you have the space to do it, go ahead and fill out the form below

I will review all completed forms, then reach out with any follow-up questions I have, and schedule some phone chats with potential hosts where we can see if this would be a good fit. 

Thrn, I will begin selecting hosts and filling in my travel calendar for June - September 2018. I will update this page as the details are finalized.


Are there any requirements for hosts?

Well, for starters, you need to have a space that you can offer for Zeke (my cat) and I to stay. I am pretty open-minded with accommodations, but we need a space with some privacy (a spare room with a functional door works, as does a guest house, basement, studio, community space, etc.). I explain more about why this is important for us below in the section about Zeke.

As we will be traveling, the space should also have a bed (or air mattress) and bathroom access. A wi-fi connection is a definite plus, since the majority of my business happens online. Oh, and hosts should be located in the continental U.S. :)

I will continue to do my work over at 29rebel, so I am covering my other expenses during my stay (gas, food, Zeke's food and litter, etc.). If you're interested in having me join you for some meals, we can include that in our exchange. 

It is preferred that hosts are entrepreneurs or future entrepreneurs, as the exchange I can offer for accommodations is support with your business. I am also open to structuring the exchange around offering community workshops about entrepreneurship and building soul-aligned businesses. 

I am still finalizing the details of this inaugural run, so there may be other details I add here later as I clarify or come to understand more about what works. Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions.


So, Tell me more about you.

I am an entrepreneur, an intuitive, and a visionary.
I believe that entrepreneurship, when done from a place of alignment with your soul, is a form of much-needed rebellion.
I believe that we are called to be entrepreneurs in this life because we are meant to help heal the world.
I am an iced coffee addict.


Hosting isn't the right fit for me, but I do want to support Your adventure.

Awesome! Thank you so much for wanting to support this adventure! 

You can help spread the word by sharing the link to this page with someone you think would be an AMAZING host. You can also contribute to our journey financially via PayPal using the button below.


About Zeke

My companion on the road and in life is a cat named Zeke. He's an adventurous dude who came into my life four years ago. Overall, he's loving, but he does deal with some anxiety and possessiveness (of his person and his food, usually). He can live with other people and in a home with other animals, but does best when he has his own space. For this reason, we are looking to visit spaces that are private (room, etc.) and have a regular, functioning door that he can close for privacy.

Interested in hosting Chynna (and her cat Zeke?)
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If this is your home, please include info about yourself, any friends/family/roommates in the home, your children living at home, and your pets. If you are applying to host Chynna and Zeke in another space, such as a co-op, community space, etc., please share more about that space and who else is cohabitating, coworking, and coexisting there.
Please check all that accurately describe the space Chynna and Zeke would be staying. *
I will only ask your references a few questions about you and your space to confirm what you've shared here.
I understand that by completing this form I am simply inquiring about hosting Chynna and her cat Zeke. She can reach out to me via phone or email with any questions before making her decision. Her decision will be based on the answers to my questions here, any follow-up questions, her schedule, her travel itinerary, and a variety of other factors that are at her sole discretion. If she is interested in staying with me, we will agree to an appropriate exchange of her coaching and consultative business services and use of my space with the terms agreed to in writing. *

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me using the button below.